William Lynes, MD is a 65 year old (born 1953), retired Stanford trained urologist, author and speaker.  He was born in San Diego and attended the University of California San Diego, obtaining a BA in Biology.  Here he met and married his wife Patrice.  Dr. Lynes attended the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston Texas, obtained a medical degree and was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha honorary medical society.  A urologic internship and residency was completed at Stanford University Medical Center.  He practiced general urology for 16 years at Kaiser Permanente in Riverside California and is board certified by the American Board of Urology.

Since retirement in 2003, Dr. Lynes has written primarily fiction.  First this involved short stories, and then full length fiction nov
els.  In addition, he is an active speaker and advocate for physician burnout and suicide prevention.  

His wife and he live in Temecula, California.

Luger Rounds takes readers into a hospital where a murderer lies in wait for a next victim.

Pirates, Scoundrels, and Kings is a novel of adventure and fantasy set in an illusionary medieval world. Here good prevails over evil, and a young boy finds the meaning of faith in God.

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A Surgeon's Knot is a story of duty, tragedy, terror; as a surgery intern MD deals with the world of surgery.  Destructive behavior crashes down on the intern.  It is a story of nobility of medicine, and duty to man.

In Huntsville , the dysfunctional urologist, Lee W. Hickok treats a brutal death-row murderer whose life altering post-operative event, changes his and Lee W's life forever.

In The Plumber, Lee W. Hickok is faced with a growing number of cases where a kidney has been removed from skid-row patients by an individual who calls himself the Plumber.  Here Hickok must treat the patients and track down the culprit. 

In Sweet Amber Lee W. Hickok is under the influence when he operates on an influential Texan.  The death of the patient ignites examination of his alcoholism, placing blame on the urologist. 

In this suspense novel, 606 University, an heiress plunges to her death during a debauched fraternity party.  The alcoholic urologist, Lee W. Hickok, is the sole witness.  It is a who-done-it surrounding the fall, push, or jump that keeps this fast paced mystery moving.