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Physician. Author. Survivor. Believer.

Dr. William Lynes

An award-winning author, physician, and man of Christian faith. Dr. William Lynes tells his story of physician burnout, suicide, and survival.

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A Surgeon’s Tale

In the sequel to A Surgeon’s Knot, AST continues the story of Jackson Cooper’s surgical training at the mythical University Medical Center in Northern California. AST is a story of Jackson’s dedication and overwhelming commitment to medicine. It tells, however, about the pain and difficulty associated with surgical training and the continuing account of his narcotic addiction. Set in 1983-84, it is a 230-page, 58-K-word medical thriller genre novel.


I am William Lynes, a retired physician, board-certified urologist, and award-winning author. I am a survivor, advocate, and speaker concerning physician burnout and suicide in the medical profession. My passion for writing began in 1990 with a challenge from my three sons to write a book about their lives. Pirates, Scoundrels, and Kings was the result, a fantasy adventure story set in medieval times. Since then, I have concentrated my writing on medically-related fiction, publishing eight works. I have also enjoyed writing short fiction, especially biblical short stories.


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