Lee W. Hickok Novels

In his new suspense novel, 606 University, an heiress plunges to her death during a debauched fraternity party.  The alcoholic urologist, Lee W. Hickok isthe sole witness.  It is a who-done-it surrounding the fall, push, or jump that keeps this fast paced mystery moving. 

In Sweet Amber Lee W. Hickok is under the influence when he operates on an influential Texan.  The patient's outcome ignites examination of his alcoholism, placing blame on the urologist. 

In The Plumber, Lee W. Hickok is faced with a growing number of cases where a kidney has been removed from a skid-row patient by a surgeon that calls himself the Plumber.  Here Hickok must solve the casesand reveal the culprit. 


                                                                            In Huntsville,  Lee W. Hickok meets and treats a brutal death-row murderer whose life and Lee W's change forever.