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The castle stood in our backyard in the Meadowview community of Temecula, California for well over 20 years. As a father, I built that castle for my family of three growing, fun-loving boys, their friends, and the neighborhood. 

It stood approximately 25 feet tall, grass to the tallest spire. It had rounded walls capped with turrets, spired roofs, and a wooden drawbridge. The fortress possessed four levels, two routes of entry, connected with built-in ladders, and hatches.  The surface was stuccoed to match our salmon-colored house.

Alas, in May 2014, because of structural issues, it was pulled down. Thirteen thousand pounds of debris were recovered in the process.

It was a sign of love and exciting childhood. I hope these pictures capture some of the dreams that would occur, on a daily basis in the Lynes family.



BirdHouse Castle
Castle 2 B.jpeg

"You should make a BirdHouse," she said. My wife, Patrice. is always encouraging me, maybe egging me on. For several years, she assigned me this task. "Make a BirdHouse that looks like the Castle," was her assignment.  So I did, and now it is finished. What a job, too nice to stand outside. I hope you enjoy it. 

Alas, the castle was torn down in 2014, due to structural issues. Here is that sad day.

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