A Surgeon's Knot

April 23, 2020

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Winterbourne--A New Novel

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Winterbourne, set in 1962, is a family-oriented community, surrounding a winterbourne stream, in Northern California. It is full of white, three rail fences, and equestrian properties. A violent motor vehicle accident and the unsuccessful resuscitation of the victim, a homeless drug using man, by Doctor Franklin Carson and his Labrador, Winston, calls attention to a problem in the small community.


A heroin drug ring is rumored, centered around a violent resident of Winterbourne. The resident is Del Grogan, known as the Redman.  He is a ruddy complexioned red-haired man with a distinctive disabling absence of his right arm, lost surgically after an intravenous drug related infection. His father’s is the corrupt, politically powerful Irish immigrant, Theodore Grogan. It is the search for his young fiancé, that reveals a secret scandal that will tear apart the community. 


The story is an evocative tale of murder, revenge, and love. Here is a riveting story of drugs, murder, and madness that terrorizes the small California community, known as Winterbourne. 

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