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Betrayal for Beauty

 King David's Adulterous Affair with Bathsheba

Short Stories 

  • The Great Escape
    • A variation on the great tale.
    • 2 pages
  • Colic
    • A subterranean dive takes a curious twist.
    • 1 Page.
  • Cody
    • The involvement of a 5-year-old boy in a violent motor vehicle accident changes the life of a young physician.
    • 3 pages.
  • Flustrated
    • A humorous day in the life of Chairman, Kenneth George Bolton, MD.
    • 2 pages.
    • A Shot of Tequila
      • He craved a shot of Tequila.
      • 3 pages.
    • Pirate’s Life
      • An adventure of two young boys who are thrown onto a pirate ship.
      • 7 pages
    • The Reluctant Prophet
      • A historical fiction story about the biblical prophet, Jonah.
      • 5 pages.
    • Prairie Chapel Ranch
      • a tragic look at a president's world.
      • 5 Pages.
    • Birds of Prey/Fuge
      • A dream like look at the frightening world of the Intensive Care Unit.
      • 3 Pages.
    • Betrayal for Beauty
      • A historical fiction story about the biblical King David and Bathsheba.
      • 7 Pages.
    • Assassin
      • A surgeon’s role in the assassination of the US president.
      • 14 Pages.
    • Sundowner
      • In Sundowner a hurricane strikes Galveston Texas.  Overwhelmed with evacuating and injured people, the admission of a nursing home of evacuees creates a timeless moral dilemma for the medical staff of John Sealy Hospital. 
      • 17 Pages.
    • Taut
      • Kenneth George Bolton, MD, the powerful chairman of the University Medical Center Obstetrics and Gynecology department, has startled the world by performing the first successful uterine transplant and live birth in a human female.  The procedure, whose moniker is TAUT for Trans-abdominal Uterine Transplant, disrupts the politically correct world of medicine, when a male, gay, married, couple presents to Dr. Bolton requesting the landmark procedure.
      • 11 pages.
    • The Last Day
      • The last Day is a short story that looks at a man with bipolar-affective disorder as his world spins into a depressive end.
      • 4 pages.
    • Titanic
      • On the doomed Titanic two people meet aware of their fate.
      • 4 pages.