Looking for a Novel during this CoronaVirus Pandemic?

Try Luger Rounds, a first person protagonist who lives through sepsis, ARDS, and is ventilator dependent!

Luger rounds; the expression implies ending the life of a patient
whose illness requires an overwhelming effort to maintain,
while being too sick to  survive.


"My mind returns to the cramped ICU room; aware of my condition, and continuous pain.  The morphine has cleared, the dream state resolved, but my misery goes on.

I then sense an evil presence, and fear overwhelms every aching fiber of my dying body.  An ominous air fills my darkened room.  I am overwhelmed by dread.  A tormentor sits; an assassin silent, starring, and waiting.  I feel eyes on me; penetrating and bulging like a vulture's their proprietor seeing me as easy prey. 

I hear the assassin's breathing, slow and ominous.In the menacing quiet evil eyes pierce me again.  The tormentor is staring and willing me to crash; an assassin with a white coat covering a wicked heart."

Luger Rounds may be purchased at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com .