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Physician Burnout

Essays and Events

The Last Day

An Essay

The Note

An Essay


Lived Experience with Suicidality with Dr. Myers and Dr. Lynes.

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The room was cold and dark as I entered my office that last day. My diploma shone as a damaged image as I pondered the tragic plan. . . .

In The Last Day, I chronicle my last day of medical practice and the reasons for my departure from the noble profession of medicine.

Physician Burnout/Suicide--Podcast

Addressed to Dr. Lynes, The Note sat menacingly in my inbox like a distress signal ominously blinking on a battered ocean coast. The note was in the form of a postcard, the border delicately decorated with flowers, the writing neatly filling the page.

“You are a devious character… the note went on to explain.”

I am a physician, practicing a noble profession of merit. In The Note, I detail the last days of my medical practice. This profession is in many ways broken. Let us fix and repair what is obviously a broken jewel.

"As part of my clinical research on lived experience in physicians, I recently interviewed a retired California urologist, William Lynes, MD. Although we’ve never met in person, we’ve communicated a lot over the internet this past year." 

"He reached out to me last May about ways in which we might collaborate in the field of physician health, specifically addressing burnout, depression, and suicidality in doctors."


A physician’s personal experience with sepsis and ventilator support

The Invisibility of Mental Illness

Physician, Author, Physician Burnout Advocate, and Speaker.

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