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A Surgeon’s Knot

William Lynes, MD

March 8, 2020

I am William Lynes, a physician, author, and physician burnout advocate and speaker. My newest book is entitled A Surgeon’s Knot. Here-in lies the story of a young physician’s training. The saga tells of the challenging and exciting year of high-stakes sacrifice, from the viewpoint of the protagonist, Jackson Cooper. It is the story of the nobility of medicine, tragedy, and redemption.

A Surgeon’s Knot is an evocative window into a world that few experience. The healing art is noble, but it is a profession that requires of the physician a life-changing expenditure.

I am a Stanford, trained surgeon whose career and many incredible experiences inspire my writing. Modern surgical training involves tremendous responsibilities and often fearful and tragic experiences. I am drawn to tell this story because of my love of medicine. While the sacrifice is great, it has been my honor to practice as a physician and member of the healing fraternity.  

Please visit the world of high pressure, academic surgical training by evaluating my most recent novel, A Surgeon’s Knot.

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