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William Lynes, MD

Apostle Paul had an affliction that troubled him deeply, he asked to be healed 4 times of this. However, God chose to not heal him of this. The question is why? I believe that that his affliction was so uncomfortable, that it required Paul to turn to God for all things. Without God, this affliction made his life such that he could not function except by God. In addition, this affliction, which now 2000 years later is still debated and controversial, may have broken an affectation or a point of conceit in Paul’s life that he tried to hang-on to. The affliction then broke that affectation, requiring Paul to turn even closer to his Lord.

I have always considered my mind as my affectation. I really have a lofty view of my intellectual abilities. Since my suicide attempts and with recent ECT maintenance therapy, my cognative abilities have been affected, and I am so troubled by this. Could it be that like Paul, God has taken the aspect of my being that I selfworship, to break me and bring him closer to Himself? I believe this and pray that anything in my life that separates me from Him be removed. Please Lord hear my plea.

Posted 11th February 2007 by SPages

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