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Child of a Suicide Survivor.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

By William Lynes. 

A father who attempts suicide sends a devastating message to his children. That message is a striking message of desertion. While I would see only my own desires, choosing to focus on my own pain and the relief of that pain, the act of suicide creates just the opposite in the child. They feel your pain, and more-so. They are devastated, and with humiliation, they wonder why their father no longer wishes to be with them.

In the insanity of the act, the suicide attempter does not focus on that message. He is blind to everyone, except himself during the period of time leading up to the event.

For me, while I realize suicidal thoughts will always haunt me, I cannot ever leave this message for my children. Lord, please etch that conclusion in my mind.

Posted 17th February 2007 by SPages

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