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Delirious? Rocks!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

By William Lynes. 

Delirious? is a UK Christian rock band that minister’s through hard-hitting rock lyrics heavily based in the word. I have been so blessed by their Spirit through the years. Here I am Send Me rocks, the lyrics describing four men, by worldly standards unremarkable, but who said yes to the Lord, and changed the world. (Isiah (1:1, 6:7) “when the angel touched his lips and he sinned no more” ; Ezekiel (37)“vision of a army from a valley of bones”; Jacob (1Chronicles 2:9)“let me climb all night on my ladder of faith”; and Paul (Acts 9)“the light Paul apostle saw, when he fell to the dust and could see no more”

Each man with little ammunition heard God’s command, as crazy as they might have been, responded and accomplished the miracle. I want the Lord to show me something, something impossible, but answer him with yes, send me Lord. Am I courageous and faithful enough? Please Lord show me.

Alas, as of 2019 Delirious? has disbanded!

Posted 15th February 2007 by SPages

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