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The First Day of the end of the Week

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

By William Lynes 


Monday is the first day of the end of the week. I have said this for years, I am not sure anyone but me understands this. Today is Monday. If Friday is the end of the week, the day that everyone looks forward to, Monday is the first day, necessary to get to that end of the week. The week is seven days long. Monday is the first of those days. It then is the first day of the interval of the week.

My book started in May 1990, I am now going through the last editing. Its long-lasting title is The First Day of the End of the Week. The first line is: “Nothing could be said good about Monday’s Christopher thought.” Chris is my oldest son. He returns to school on the dreaded Monday, after a great weekend and thinks this. Haven’t we all thought that too?

The book’s title is now Pirates, Scoundrels and Kings, a much more understandable title.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. One day closer to the end.

Posted 12th February 2007 by SPages

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