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  • Five out of Five Stars


--This story will melt your heart-- Is there a God in Heaven who can redeem the mess he has made of his life and the lives he encounters? Read this and find the answers along with some delightful medical case histories and entertaining personalities.


Rebecca Farnbach, author of Dancing With Prayers in My Feet




--Five out of Five Stars

This book is an exemplary,  fair and reasonable—

This outstanding, empowering book should be given to all of our incoming First Year Medical Students both for them to read and for them to discuss with their MENTORS.

Bravo Distinguished Professor William Lynes M.D! 

Doctor Josh


A medical thriller where a gifted surgeon fights his personal demons while facing accusations of misconduct. A deep look inside human addiction, whether substance or political.  

Tom Minder – author of The House Always Wins



This touching story highlights the struggles of a brilliant surgeon, plagued by a troubled past and an addiction to that sweet amber called bourbon. He’ll tug your heartstrings, even when you want to plant a cowboy boot to his backside!


Read Sweet Amber: A Lee W. Hickok novel that follows his brilliant surgeries, Texas antics, and struggles to turn his personal life around. This book has it all: humor, drama, heartbreak, and redemption. 


Sweet Amber by William Lynes, provides a look into the dark side of alcohol addiction and the toll it takes on Lee W. Hickok’s life. While he tackles a difficult subject, Lynes always injects humor into the day to day struggles of his characters.


Gina Mitchell




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