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Pirates, Scoundrels, and Kings

January 29, 2013

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"Even for  a Monday, Christopher's day is full of frustration. There was the school bus ride through the mud, followed by a huge argument with his two brothers.  He would do anything to escape, just for a little while---a wish that he soon finds granted. 


A chance encounter with a philosophical cloud sends him to the medieval kingdom of Alucemet, which is in a shambles.  The King is lost, the queen's power is dwindling,
and the citizens blame their traitorous sons.


Christopher soon realizes he is in the presence of one of the sons, Sir Alexander.  Even so, he finds in Alexander not a  traitor, but a quiet, kind leader intent on restoring the kingdom to its past glory.  Soon, Alexander is ambushed, and Christopher is told Alexander's evil brother, Nicholas the Blue, is responsible. 

Once again, however, the common reports are wrong; Christopher finds Nicholas to be nothing more than a pirate who lives for fun.  If the princes are not behind the downfall of Alucemet, who is? The battle is on the horizon. 


A dark army plans to surround and conquer, taking the kingdom for its own.  Christopher must lean on his faith in God to strengthen his new friends, save their kingdom, and, hopefully, find his way home!