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The Plumber
A Lee W. Hickok Novel
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Heading 5
Heading 5

In The Plumber Lee W. Hickok, MD, an alcoholic urologist, is faced with case after case of patients, from the skid-row of Galveston Texas, who have had one or both kidneys removed by an individual who calls himself The Plumber. These victims are from the dregs of society and drug addiction.  


Suspects range from a local urologist to a mysterious Russian immigrant and his esoteric wife, to one of his own residency staff.  Together with law enforcement he must solve the mystery and stop this butcher.

Lee W is the protagonist in the series which goes by his name and includes the novels 606 University, Sweet Amber, and Huntsville. He is continuously plagued by resisting his desires for alcohol which he has given up after sustaining a course of D/T's in Sweet Amber. The Plumber is a fast past who-done-it novel which will leave the reader wanting for more.

Heading 5