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Balancing Work and Parenting During Remote Working

By Amy Collett

Working from home while caring for a baby or toddler is a complicated balancing act. You’ll need to manage your time carefully and make room in your schedule for self-care to uphold your responsibilities without getting overwhelmed. If you’re dealing with burnout, you can find realistic solutions from LynesOnLine. Plus, here are some helpful tips on building a cozy workday wardrobe, taking flexible online courses, and updating your resume if you plan to start job hunting.

Set Up a Distraction-Free Workspace

Design a distraction-free home office so that you can keep an eye on your child while tackling your workload. Start by removing any noisy toys or other items that may distract your child while you are trying to work. Purchase noise-canceling headphones if necessary, and be sure to keep the area tidy so you can focus on your to-do list.

Plan Activities That Don’t Require Supervision

Invest in safe, interactive toys such as puzzles, coloring books, and art supplies so that your child can play independently while you work. These activities will keep them occupied, allowing you to participate in meetings and work on projects that require deep concentration.

Reach Out To Friends And Family For Support

Having support from friends and family is essential when working from home with children. Identify a few trustworthy people who might be able to assist you with childcare, and reach out to ask if they’re available to help. VeryWellFamily recommends offering a “trade” when possible - for instance, if your neighbor agrees to stop by and watch your children for a few hours on Friday afternoon, you could babysit their kids on Saturday night.

Focus on Self-Care as a Way to Manage Stress

Working from home with children is undeniably stressful. Schedule occasional breaks throughout your workday to relax. If you step away from your computer for a few minutes, you’ll feel refreshed when you come back. Take some time for yourself when you’re off the clock, too. Taking walks outside or doing yoga are great ways to unwind after a long day of work and parenting duties.

Work During Naptime

One way that remote parents can get more work done is by taking advantage of their child's naptime. During this time, parents can focus on important tasks that require their full attention without being interrupted. To make the most of this time,

parents can prioritize their to-do list, set clear goals for the day, and even set up virtual meetings or calls.

Nursing Moms: Take Steps to Stay Comfy

Expectant parents and new moms, check this out: you don’t need to compromise on style to feel your best during this transitional time. Shop for soft, chic loungewear, like shirts made from breathable material that will easily stretch over your bump. Make sure to choose a few adjustable, supportive nursing bras so that you and your baby will both be comfortable when you’re breastfeeding.

Take Online Courses to Build Your Skills

Finally, consider taking online courses related to your field of work to deepen your skillset. You can enhance your resume and become a stronger candidate for future job opportunities while studying at your own pace. As a bonus, Pongo Resume states that online courses are generally more affordable than in-person classes, and you can even find courses offered entirely for free.

Setting up distraction-free workspaces, utilizing nap times wisely, and investing in comfortable, stylish loungewear and nursing bras can help parents successfully juggle remote work and childcare. With solid routines in place, you can manage all of your obligations!

Are you struggling to balance remote work with parenting? Find guidance from LynesOnLine. Browse our blog today for tips on dealing with burnout and more.

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